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Geospatial Services

Geospatial Application Development

Geoconsultants India has significant experience in providing geospatial data and application software solutions worldwide. The capability to offer a combination of geospatial data and software services as a comprehensive solution to clients uniquely differentiates Geoconsultants India in the market. Our geospatial platform and vendor independent approach allows us to use the best-of-breed technologies from ESRI, MapInfo, and Autodesk to develop successful client solutions. Our service offerings include: End-to-end, scalable web-based enterprise geospatial applications, Web mapping applications, Customized desktop applications. Few major areas of Geospatial Software Solutions: Utility Management, Municipal GIS, Cadastre Information System (automate land records work flows), Disaster Management GIS, Alignment Sheet Generator.

Land Surveying and Mapping

We perform all types of land surveys. From ground topography surveys to underground surveys, Earth Attributes can meet all of your land survey needs. We use state-of-the-art GPS equipment which allows us to achieve highly accurate results when performing critical construction surveys or boundary surveys. We also use total stations and digital levels to perform a variety of functions such as wetland surveys, control surveys, and boundary surveys. Your finished product can be delivered in a variety of mediums (electronically, paper plots). For large parcels and projects that possess many attributes, we offer mapping services. Mapping services brings aerial photography and land surveying together. After we capture your project on film, we'll send a team of surveyors out to collect primary data on which to base the map. From there compilers will complete your mapping project using the photography and control work provided by the surveyors. As with our surveys, we can deliver your map electronically, on paper plots.

LiDAR Mapping Services

We perform the rectification, classification, feature extraction from LiDAR data. GCIS is one of the leading LIDAR service providers to international clients with high quality.

Classification of LiDAR data processing services includes:

  1. Ground and Non Ground Classification)We classify only ground points and Ground points are being used for creating surfaces.
  2. Advanced classification (Building, Road, Vegetation and etc..)We classify all required features as per specification.
  3. Ortho generation & Contour generationUsing DEM and photos, we generate ortho photo. Ortho photo is used for capturing 2d topographic features and being used in advanced classifications.
  4. Feature ExtractionAs per requirement we capture features from LAS files
  5. 3D Building modelingWe generate 3d buildings from LAS file and complex building will be manually edited and fixed.

Database Management Services

One of Geoconsultants India key strengths is its ability to convert large volumes of paper maps and drawings to digital format with quick turn-around times. We also has the ability to manage complex conversion projects, which require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scales, vintages, and quality. These sources could be a combination of topographic maps, CAD drawings, satellite imagery, aerial photographs or observations from field surveys. Geoconsultants India integrated processes for conversion include scanning, digitizing (heads-up and tablet), data layering, fitting/geopositioning, statistical batch quality assurance/quality control, and translation into final output.

Geodatabase Designing

GEOCONSULTANTS INDIA design the Geodatabase pas per the customer needs.

GIS Data development and validation

GEOCONSULTANTS INDIA vast experience to development of GIS base map , this includes the data collection from the field using advanced technologies like total station, DGPS, hand GIS instruments.

Data conversion and Migration

We have big team to fulfill the data conversion and migration need. we also have a programmers to automated the data migration workflows.

Photogrammetry and Digital Image Processing

DEM Generation

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) represent the bare earth Z- values at regularly spaced intervals in X (Eastings) and Y (Northings). However, the grid spacing, datum, coordinate system, data formats and other characteristics may vary widely. The term DEM (Digital Elevation Model) is frequently being used for the digital representation of any topographic surface or any part of earth’s surface. Mostly, it refers to a regular grid of spot heights on the earth surface. The grid size or the distance between adjacent grid points is an important parameter for DTM. In a DTM/DEM, mass points and break lines are captured to represent the shape of the terrain. Mass points are irregularly spaced each with X and Y location and Z values typically ( but not always) used to form a TIN. When generated manually, mass points are ideally chosen to depict the most significant variations in the slope or aspects of TIN triangles. The mass points are representing the bare Z-value (spot height with X,Y and Z information) of the earth surface. Breaklines are captured in the areas where there is a break or change in slope or continuity. Breaklines are captured on ridgelines, valleys, top and bottom of the slope.These are also used for roads, ditches. All mass points and breaklines are measured from Aerial Photographs in stereo mode to achieve the high accuracy on the terrain.


Orthorectification or Orthophoto Generation is a process of removing the effects of tilt, relief, and many of the lens aberrations from standard perspective photographs. Orthophotos are maps, created by geometrically corrected Aerial Photographs. We create digital orthophotos using Datum software. Digital orthophoto are used as maps, for visual identification, also with combination of other mapping products like DTM and contours. To generate a digital orthophoto that most closely achieves the resolution of the continuous tone, original aerial image, we apply a variety of image enhancement and edge sharpening routines using special Image Processing techniques. The process involves color / contrast matching and feathering techniques to ensure a virtually seamless mosaic. Many images can be mosaicked together and resampled to produce an overview image file to supplement the original orthoimages. Accuracy is measured by comparing the rectified position of ground control point (GCP)to the true coordinates of the point.

High Raise Building Height Clearance Services

When it is not possible to consume 100% FSI granted by local municipal corporation one need to contract high raise building. All the building in airport influence zone need to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Airport authority of India. Still, if developer seek for more construction height technical aeronautical study shall be perform. GCIS provides end-to-end consultancy services for building height clearance from civil aviation authority of India.

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Line of sight analysis for high raise building clearances

Line of sight is the direct free-space path that exists between two points. Using binoculars on a clear day, it is easy to determine if visual line of sight exists between two points that are miles apart. To have a clear line of sight there must be no obstructions between the two locations. Often this means that the observation points must be high enough to allow the viewer to see over any ground-based obstructions.
The following obstructions might obscure a visual link:

  • Topographic features, such as hills or mountains
  • The curvature of the Earth
  • Buildings and other man-made objects
  • Trees and other vegetation

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GIS Recruitment Services

Geoconsultants India, the leading recruiting firm in mapping and geospatial! We source, screen and send you only the BEST candidates for your positions. Geoconsultants also offers the industry's most diverse job boards for those seeking new opportunities within GIS, GPS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Remote Sensing, Surveying, Civil Engineering and more!

Common positions Geoconsultants is looking to fill include: GIS Technicians, GIS Analysts, GIS Specialists, GIS Software Developers; Geospatial Sales & Manager roles, Surveyors, Civil Engineers (many specialties) and contract basis employees.

GIS Recruiting Solutions can provide:

  • Specialists in GIS recruiting
  • Project Team recruiting facilities
  • Temporary GIS contract staff

Call us to discuss your hiring needs today! We will recommend the recruiting service that best fits your hiring needs. Happy mapping!

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