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We perform all types of land surveys. From ground topography surveys to underground surveys, Earth Attributes can meet all of your land survey needs. We use state-of-the-art GPS equipment which allows us to achieve highly accurate results when performing critical construction surveys or boundary surveys. We also use total stations and digital levels to perform a variety of functions such as wetland surveys, control surveys, and boundary surveys. Your finished product can be delivered in a variety of mediums (electronically, paper plots). For large parcels and projects that possess many attributes, we offer mapping services. Mapping services brings aerial photography and land surveying together. After we capture your project on film, we'll send a team of surveyors out to collect primary data on which to base the map. From there compilers will complete your mapping project using the photography and control work provided by the surveyors. As with our surveys, we can deliver your map electronically, on paper plots.

  • Contour & Plan Table Surveying
  • Construction Layout, Building, Alignment, Plotting Demarcation
  • 3D Scanning of Critical Terrain
  • GPS Surveying

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